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LCD Guard Film for JVC Camcorders 3.5'' LCDS
Mdl#LCP-JV35        Sku#61282

JJC LCP Series LCD Screen Protectors are ideal for camcorder screen protection. Multiple layers of protective material protects your display from dirt, scratches, smears and oily fingerprints. Made from PET, the protector features good abrasion resistance and high transmission. The protector also has the following characteristics: the anti-reflection coating helps minimize annoying surface glare under bright lights; the hard coating on the protector helps avoid scratching by hard objects; the unique anti-smudge coating reduces fingerprints and facilitates cleaning. It has been pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your monitor to ensure a perfect fit. What’s more, JJC LCP Screen Protector has a high transmission up to 92%, which offers you high screen clarity. Moreover, the removable protective fronting and backing hold the base film securely to ensure a brand new film be attached to your screen. Each package comes with two pieces of dust-absorber and two pieces of cleaning cloth to make sure your LCD screen is free of dirty before installation. Additionally, its static adhesion method leaves no sticky residue behind on your screen, and it is easy to install without trapping any air bubbles, and is just as simple to remove. Two pieces of protectors are included in the package for replacement in case of need.

Product Highlights

Includes two pieces of protectors 

Protects your LCD screen from dirt, scratches and other unwanted residue

Anti-reflection coating helps reduce annoying surface glare under bright lights

Hard coating helps prevent the protector from being scratched by hard objects

Anti-smudge coating reduces fingerprints and facilitates cleaning

Strictly tailored to fit each screen perfectly

Provides two pieces of dust-absorbers to further clean your LCD screen before installation

Has a high transmission up to 92%

Static adhesion method leaves no sticky residue

Easy to install and remove


Material: PET

Light Transmittance: 92%

Scratch Resistance Index: 3H

Package Includes: Screen Protector x 2 + Cleaning Cloth x 2 + Dust Absorber x 2

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