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Metal Filter Stack Caps
Mdl#SC-55II        Sku#58466

JJC SC II Series Filter Stack Caps consists of a set of top and bottom durable metal caps to fit filters with different diameters. They will protect the filters from dust, scratches and fingerprints while not in use. Simply screw your filters together then screw the stack caps on the top and bottom. Additionally, these caps enable a more organized, streamlined system for storing and carrying your filters. Made of aluminium alloy, the filter cap is slim and exquisite. That’s to say, it is easy to carry and takes up a little space. Words are carved on the surface of the top cap by laser carving technology.

Product Highlights

● Made of aluminium alloy, slim and durable

● Great for storing and carrying filters

● Protects your filters from dust, scratches and fingerprints

● Enables streamlined system of organizing

● Looks fashionable with words carved on the surface of the top cap

SizePackagePackaging type Carton
Packing size 120*91*26mm
Material Aluminium alloy

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