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Lens Cap Keepers
Mdl#CS-OL405 BLACK        Sku#46517

JJC CS Series Lens Cap Keepers are designed to prevent the lens cap from getting lost. Crafted from high quality Nappa leather, it is fashionable and chic. The lens cap keeper fits the lens cap perfectly. Removable and environment friendly, the lens cap keeper adopts Japanese DAITAC sticker and American 3M 300LSE sticker (Different batches of a product may be different). The included string connects the lens cap keeper with the camera.


Product Highlights

Prevents the lens cap from getting lost

Fits the lens cap perfectly 

Adopts removable and environment friendly sticker

Crafted from high quality Nappa leather 

The included string connects the lens cap keeper with the camera

Model Available  

CS-X70 BLACKFits Lens Caps of Fujifilm X70
CS-X100 BLACKFits Lens Caps of Fujifilm X100, X100S, X100T
CS-S1650 BLACKFits (ALC-F405S) Lens Cap of Sony 16-50mm Lens
CS-RX1 BLACKFits Lens Caps of Sony RX1, RX1R, RX1R II
CS-F62 BLACKFits Fujifilm FLCP-62 Lens Cap
CS-F52 BLACKFits Fujifilm FLCP-52 Lens Cap
CS-C58 BLACKFits Canon E-58II Lens Cap
CS-C52 BLACKFits Canon E-52II Lens Cap
CS-C49 BLACKFits Canon E-49 Lens Cap
CS-S49 BLACKFits Sony ALC-F49S Lens Cap
CS-S55 BLACKFits Sony ALC-F55S Lens Cap
CS-F58 BLACKFits Fujifilm FLCP-58 Lens Cap
CS-OL37 BLACKFits Olympus LC-37B Lens Cap
CS-OL405 BLACKFits Olympus LC-40.5 Lens Cap
CS-OL46 BLACKFits Olympus LC-46 Lens Cap

WeightNet  Weightg 2g
Gross Weightg 4g

Full Size 46*33*1mm
SizePackagePackaging type Plastic bag

Packing size 120*85*5mm
Material Nappa Genuine Leather


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