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Sensor Cleaning Solution
Mdl#CL-CS15        Sku#11898

JJC CL-CS15 is designed for helping to a clean a variety of stains from image sensors, lenses, screens, etc. This 15 ml bottle of Sensor Cleaning Solution is a concentrated liquid solution for cleaning away dust and oil stains. It is specifically designed to prevent streaking and to provide a moderate static barrier for your sensor to maintain a clean appearance after cleaning. It is safe and effective to use on all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and is ideal for use with either JJC CL-AS15 or JJC CL-FS24 Sensor Cleaner.

Product Highlights

Volume is15ml

Non-toxic and environment friendly

Safe for cleaning lenses, sensors, screens, etc.

Effective to clean away both dust and oil stains

Recommended to used with JJC Sensor Cleaner

How to Use

Press down and rotate the bottle cap anticlockwise to open it. Drip 1-2 drops cleaning solution on the cleaning tongue to clean your device.

Tips: The solution should be used with JJC Sensor Cleaner. Never apply the solution directly to your sensors or devices.

WeightNet  Weightg 25g
Gross Weightg 35g

Full Size 23*79mm
SizePackagePackaging type Paperboard+plastic uptake

Packing size 149*83*23mm

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