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Metal Screw-in Standard Lens Hood 46mm
Mdl#LN-46S        Sku#47705


This rotating lens hood is designed for digital cameras with either built-in or interchangeable zoom lenses. The hood protects against stray light reflection hitting the surface of the lens.


This item can inhibit stray light into the lens and eliminate the haze, improve the clarity of the imaging and colour reproduction.

Made of premium aviation aluminum 

Black matte anti-glare finish surface

For lenses 50mm and longer (Full Frame)

For lenses 28mm and longer (APS-C)

Blocks stray light and enhance image quality

Protects lens from scratches and impacts 

Use lens cap and filter with the hood on a lens 

WeightNet  Weightg23g
Gross Weightg39g

Full Size60*60*24mm
SizePackagePackaging typeCarton

Packing size130*95*26mm
MaterialAluminium metallicum
Compatible :OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25MM 1:1.8

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