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Wired Remote Switch Replacing Olympus RM-CB2


JJC MA Series Camera Remote Switch can work with CANON, NIKON, OLYMPUS, SONY, PANASONIC, PENTAX, SIGMA, MINOLTA, SAMSUNG, CONTAX, FUJIFILM, KODAK etc. cameras. This remote switch has a two stage release button, and it will autofocus on a half press of the button and trigger the shutter with a full press. For long exposures, just press the release button fully and slide it into the locked position. The shutter will stay open as long as the shutter release button is locked. To unlock the shutter, just slide the release button back to its original position. In addition, the unit does not require batteries as it draws its power from the camera. It is a good way to prevent camera shake and a perfect choice for taking long exposure photos. With the JJC MA Series Camera Remote Switch, you can obtain more high-quality pictures!

Product Highlights

Press the shutter button halfway to focus

Fully press the shutter button to take a photo

Optimal for long exposures or continuous shooting

Take photos without camera shake

Powered by camera, no battery required


MA-A replacing Canon RS-80N3/TC-80N3

MA-B replacing Nikon MC-30/MC-36/MC-30A 

MA-C replacing Canon RS-60E3, Pentax CS-205, Contax LA-50, Samsung SR9NX01

MA-D replacing Panasonic DMW-RS1/RSL1, Leica CR-D1

MA-F2 replacing Sony Multi Connector, Sony RM-SPR1

MA-F replacing Sony RM-S1AM/RM-S1LM, Konica Minolta RC-1000S/RC-1000L

MA-G replacing Nikon MC-DC1

MA-H replacing Sigma CR-11

MA-I replacing Sigma CR-21

MA-I2 replacing Sigma CR-31

MA-J replacing Olympus RM-UC1

MA-K replacing Fujifilm RR-80

MA-M replacing Nikon MC-DC2

MA-N replacing Samsung ED-SR2NX02 

MA-O compatible with Fujifilm FINEPIX HS50EXR

MA-R replacing Fujifilm RR-90

MA-S replacing Sony RM-DR1 

MA-J2 replacing Olympus RM-CB2

WeightNet  Weightg29g
Gross Weightg52g
Full Size80*24*17mm
SizePackagePackaging typeCarton
Packing size65*25*150mm
CompatibilityOM-D E-M1 Mark II

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