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Cleaning Kit
Mdl#CL-PRO2        Sku#07396

JJC CL-PRO2 Cleaning Kit combines most necessary cleaning tools to keep your cameras, lenses, filters and other optics free from dust, dirt and smudges. By regular use of these cleaning tools, you will find they will help you keep your camera in tip top shape.

Package Contents

Dust Blower Cleaner x 1pc

Lens Cleaning Pen x 1pc

Wet Cleaning Wipe x 3pcs

Cleaning Liquid x 1pc

Lens Cleaning Tissue x 50pcs

APS-C Frame Sensor Cleaner x 2pcs

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Lens x 2pcs

Cotton Swab x 10pcs

Storage Pouch x 1pc

Product Highlights

Dust Blower Cleaner

Direct a powerful stream of air to blow away dust and dirt from your lens, camera body and filter

Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Lens Cleaning Pen

Retractable soft brush fits cleaning crevices of camera or lens

Retractable circular carbon cleaning tip fits cleaning round optical screens, such as lens or filter

Wet Cleaning Wipe

Can be used to clean camera screens 

Cleaning Liquid

Safe and efficient for optical equipment

Has no alcohol or corrosive chemicals

Lens Cleaning Tissue

50 sheets of lens cleaning tissue can be used to clean lenses or filters

APS-C Frame Sensor Cleaner

2 individually wrapped, vacuum-sealed sensor cleaners

Specially designed for APS-C frame sensors

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Lens

Microfiber cleaning cloth, vacuum packaged, specially designed for cleaning your lenses or filters

Cotton Swab

Fits cleaning camera hot shoe, focus ring, contacts, crevices of camera body etc.

Storage Pouch

All above cleaning tools can be collected in a free storage pouch after using

Warm Tips:

1.Do not drop the cleaning liquid onto the lens directly

2.Do not use the lens cleaning tissue with cleaning liquid

3.The carbon cleaning tip shall not be used with liquid detergent

WeightNet  Weight(g)130g
Gross Weight(g)159g
SizeFull Size/
PackagePackaging typeCarton
Packing size85*65*185mm

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