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Flash Battery Pack replaces SONY FA-EB1AM.
Mdl#FB-3(II)        Sku#36556

The JJC FB-3(II) Compact Battery Pack is used to greatly increase the number of flash firings of the SONY HVL-F58AM, F56AM or Minolta 5600 series Speedlight, and also shortens the recycling time. It has a total capacity to hold 8 AA batteries. It can be used with any type AA battery. Total minimum flash recycling time can be as fast as 1.5 seconds when used with AA Ni-MH batteries, and the capacity per round of batteries is about doubled. Batteries must be in place in the flash in order to operate.



    Compatible  with

SONY HVL-F58AM, F56AM and Minolta 5600

Gross Weight





One year warranty

Thank you for your prompt resonse. Actually, I had Sony HVL-60 and Nikon Sb910. i purchased FB-3 and very satisfied with Sony A7. i want to use same unit onnikon D800 and SB910 without purchasing another FB-2. Is there any other option?Sun Ho Kim
JJC: Thank you for beinig interested in our product. We only make battery packs for dedicated flashes and we have no adapters between the battery packs.
Is there any adaptor which can be used this battery pack for Nikon SB910?Sun Ho Kim
JJC: Thank you for being interested in our product. We have not got an adapter to allow you use FB-3(II) on a NIKON SB910. FB-2(II) is the right model for NIKON SB910. Following is the link. http://www.jjc.cc/index.php/Product/product_info/id/585
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