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Universal LCD Hood, 3.0
Mdl#LCH-3.0S        Sku#30066

JJC LCH series universal LCD hood provides double protection against possible dust, stains and impact damage to your sensitive and expensive camera’s LCD screen.----- Spring mounted hinges LCD Hood + ultra-tough high-impact PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) Clear Screen Protector

The LCD hood side wings are guided by spring mounted hinges that open automatically when the top flap is opened.

The LCD Hood also has an ultra-tough high-impact PMMA material Clear Screen Protector to protect your camera's screen.

The glare effect of bothersome sidelight on the display is distinctly reduced by the hood. Even in the case of bright light the display on the screen remains colourfast. The display protection hardly takes up any room (ultra-slim design).Can be removed and reinstall, without leaving ugly residual on your LCD screen.

Technical details & Highlight
Double Protection feature----- Spring mounted hinges LCD Hood + ultra-tough high-impact PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) Clear Screen Protector
Prevent scratches, collisions and moderate impact to the LCD screen.
High transparency, anti-scrape, anti-bump, anti-aging and easy to install
Ultra Slim Design

Easy to Install: * Just clean your LCD screen first, peel off the white back of the protector to stick, Done! *





Fit 3.0inch LCD Display



Gross Weight





One year warranty


Will this lcd hood fit the Olympus E-P1? It has a 4:3 3" LCD.Daniel de Vries
JJC: Thank you for being interested in our product. The inneer size of our LCH-3.0 is : 2.0”(L) × 1.55”(W) (52mm × 40mm). The diagonal length is 2.5” (63.5mm). I think the best way is that you measure your camera's monitor size, then compare it with the size of LCH-3.0 that i said, then you will know it will fit your camera or not.
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