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Remote Shutter Cord for SIGMA CR-31 (DP1 Quattro, DP2 Quattro, DP3 Quattro)
Mdl#S-I2        Sku#01561

JJC S-I2 Camera Remote Switch is designed for Sigma DP1 Quattro DP2 Quattro DP3 Quattro cameras. It is a good way to prevent camera shake in order to get more perfect photos. It has a two stage release button, half-press to focus, fully press to trigger the shutter and take a photo. For continuous shooting, just press the release button fully and slide it into the locked position. The shutter will stay open as long as the shutter release button is locked. To unlock the shutter, just slide the release button back to its original position. JJC S-I2 replaces Sigma CR-31.

Product highlights
Cord length stretchable to 90cm
No battery required
Control shutter triggering
Prevents shaking for catching perfect photos
Compatible with JJC shutter release cables
Connecting cord interchangeable to be used on other cameras



Compatible  with

Sigma DP1 Quattro DP2 Quattro DP3 Quattro

Gross Weight





One year warranty

how to use the B shutter on dp1q?how to set the camera?Ningxin
JJC: Dear Client, Thank you for purchasing our product, If you want to use B shutter function, your camera should have B shutter function first, that's to say you will need to set your camera's drive mode to BULB, then press and push the shutter button on S-I2 to "hold" position, then start BULB shooting. You will need to refer to your camera's manual and to know your camera approve BULB shooting or not.
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