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Lens Mount Adapters for Pentax K lens on Fujifilm X mount camera body
Mdl#LMA-PK_FX        Sku#70659

Made of black anodized aluminum (camera body mount) and brass copper anodized with silver (lens mount) this mount adapter allows PENTAX K-mount lens to fit onto Fujifilm X-Pro 1 interchangeable lens camera. The lens will fit physically and the camera works in manual mode with the adapter. Preserve all focusing range up to the infinity point.



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Pentax K lens on Fujifilm X mount camera body

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One year warranty

Does the adapter allow control of lens aperture on Pentax DA type lenses that have no external aperture ring?Jeff
JJC: This adapter will not allow you control of lens apeture. Since it will not transalate the conmunication between the camera body and lens.
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