Camera Eyecup Kit

Designed for CAN. EOS; Made of flexible silicone; Protecting the viewfinder from dust, moisture and reducing unwanted light; easy but secure mounting to the viewfinder

  • Model: EC-1K2
  • Bar Code: 6950291531865

      JJC EC-1K2 Camera Eyecup Kit consists of 2 JJC EC-1 Camera Eyecups. JJC EC-1 is specially designed for selected CAN. EOS SLR cameras. Made of high quality silicone material, its exterior is flexible and has strong abrasion-resistance. During shooting, this eyepiece can not only keep your viewfinder safe from impact and scratches but also protect the viewfinder from dirt, moisture, dust, and unwanted light, thus providing more image details. In addition, it allows more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye, especially when wearing glasses. And it also protects your glasses from scratches.

Product Highlights

Fits selected CAN. EOS SLR cameras

Protects unwanted light, dust and moisture from entering your viewfinder, bring you more image details

Protects viewfinder from impact and scratches

Provides comfort during use, especially when wearing glasses

Mounts easily and securely to the viewfinder

Replaces CAN. Ef Eyecup



EOS 100D

EOS 200D

EOS 300D

EOS 350D

EOS 400D

EOS 450D

EOS 500D

EOS 550D

EOS 600D

EOS 650D

EOS 700D

EOS 750D

EOS 760D

EOS 800D

EOS 1000D

EOS 1100D

EOS 1200D

EOS 1300D

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