Lens Hood replacing FUJI. LH-XF23 II / LH-XF23-2

Replaces FUJI. LH-XF23 II / LH-XF23-2. Blocks stray light from entering the lens. Non-glare matte finish prevents reflections. No vignetting will be caused with the hood on. Synthetic resin bayonet protects your lens better. Extra protection from accidental impact. Natural matching appearance with the camera.

  • Model: LH-JXF23-2 BLACK
  • Bar Code: 6950291504173

JJC LH-JXF23-2 BLACK Lens Hood is designed to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending and shading the end of the lens. The interior non-glare matte finish further prevents or limits lens flare. No vignetting will show with the hood on. Constructed from premium aluminum alloy, the lens hood features a natural matching appearance with your camera, maintaining the aesthetic of the lens and camera system. The bayonet is made of synthetic resin, which will not damage your lenses. With the extended lens end, you will also benefit from extra protection from accidental impact. It is equipped with a cap for better protection of your lens. JJC LH-JXF23-2 replaces FUJI. LH-XF23 II / LH-XF23-2 lens hood. Moreover, if you lose your hood cap, you can choose our another product JJC LC-JXF23-2 for replacement. JJC LC-JXF23-2 hood cap fits FUJI. LH-XF23 II / LH-XF23-2 and JJC LH-JXF23-2 lens hood.

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Product Highlights

Replaces FUJI. LH-XF23 II / LH-XF23-2

Blocks stray light from entering the lens

Non-glare matte finish prevents reflections

No vignetting will be caused with the hood on

Synthetic resin bayonet protects your lens better

Extra protection from accidental impact

Natural matching appearance with the camera


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