Handy Recorder Accessory Kit for ZM H6

Designed for ZM H6 Handy Recorder, the kit includes 7 items for your conveniently using and better protecting your device.

  • Model: HRP-H6K

     JJC HRP-H6K accessory kit is specially designed for ZM H6 Handy Recorder. The kit includes 7 items for your conveniently using and better protecting your handy recorder.

Protective Items

Handy Recorder Pouch

The included protective pouch perfectly fits your handy recorder ZM H6, and it provides access to all controls and features of your handy recorder, effectively protecting your device from dust, moisture and light impact. Featuring multiple carrying options, the pouch can be carried conveniently and securely.


The windbuster can protect your microphone from dust and moisture. And effectively reduce wind noise in outdoor. Vocal plosives also can be decreased when you mount it on.

LCD Guard Film

The LCD guard film can protect your handy recorder screen from dust, scratch and light impact. Besides that, the high transmission rate is up to 92%, which can ensure the clarity of the screen.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Extremely soft microfiber cleaning cloth can effectively absorb and remove dust, fingerprints and oil smudges from your handy recorder screen without leaving debris.


Practical Items

Recorder Remote

The included wired remote controller replaces ZM RCH6 remote controller. It allows you to control the volume and progress of the handy recorder without shaking. The working distance is up to 1.5m.

Hot Shoe Adapter

The hot shoe adapter can be used to mount the handy recorder itself onto the other devices with standard hot shoe .

Recorder Strap

You can use the recorder strap for conveniently carrying your handy recorder.

Package Contents

Handy Recorder Pouch x 1

Recorder Remote x 1

LCD Guard Film x 1

Hot Shoe Adapter x 1

Windbuster x 1

Recorder Strap x 1

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1