OC Series Camera Pouches

Made of Neoprene material, lightweight, elastic and comfortable. Soft and cushioning material protects your camera from dust, bumps and abrasions. Touch-fastening flap for easy use.

  • Model: OC-C2BG GRAY
  • Bar Code: 6950291523174

      JJC OC-C Series Mirrorless Camera Pouches store and protect your camera from dust, bumps, scratches, and light impact. For ease of use, the pouch is opened and closed with a touch-fastening flap. The easy-access design enables quick access to the camera. What’s more, the elastic material of the pouch makes it fit cameras of different sizes. The pouch features stylish edge stitching for a handmade appearance, which makes it attractive. In addition, photographers have the option of using this pouch with or without a neck strap. When removed, the pouch can be attached to your neck strap or to your camera strap eyelet directly through the equipped durable band.


Product Highlights
Made of Neoprene materialra from dust, bumps and abrasions
An inner strap for attaching the pouch to a neck strap or to your camera strap eyelet directly
Photographers have the option of using this pouch with or without a neck strap
Opened and closed with a touch-fastening flap


       JJC OC-C2 series camera pouches will accommodate a camera body with a lens up to 113 x 69 x112mm / 4.4 x 2.7 x 4.4" (W x H x D). The camera pouches are mainly suitable for Mirrorless Cameras and Advanced Zoom Compacts of CAN., SON., OLY., FUJI., NIK., PAN., etc. The following has listed part of compatible cameras and lenses.

    CAN. EOS M+18-55mm Lens

    SON. NEX 3N+18-55mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M2+18-55mm Lens

    SON. NEX 5N+18-55mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M3+18-55mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J1+10-100mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M10+18-55mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J1+30-110mm Lens

    CAN,EOS M+15-45mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J2+10-100mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M2+15-45mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J2+30-110mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M3+15-45mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J3+10-100mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M10+15-45mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J3+30-110mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M+11-22mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J4+10-100mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M2+11-22mm Lens

    NIK. 1 J5+10-100mm Lens

    CAN. EOS M3+11-22mm Lens


    CAN. EOS M10+11-22mm Lens


    SON. NEX 3+18-55mm Lens