Includes one white card, one black card & one neutral grey card ;18% standard neutral grey card

  • Model: GC-1II
  • Bar Code: 6950291534064
JJC GC-1II Color Balance Cards are excellent tools for achieving perfect color balance in your photos. The product includes one 18% neutral grey card, one white card and one black card. The 18% neutral grey card can balance scene with complicated lights to 18% neutral grey, which can cooperate with reflection-light exposure meters to obtain an accurate exposure value. The grey or white card is also applicable for users to set the individual white balance to achieve the desired effects. The black card can be used to block in bright light in night shooting to get a normal exposure. Moreover, the color balance cards are made of water resistant material, that means you can use them in moisture circumstances for your free shooting.

Product Highlights
For perfect color balance
Includes one white card, one black card & one neutral grey card  
18% standard neutral grey card
Made of water resistant material
Use with any digital camera
Dimension: 10 x 8inch / 254 x 202mm
The package includes a portable storage bag