Wired Camera Remote Switch Replaces Sigma CR-31

Control Autofocus and Shutter Triggering;Capture Images without Camera Shake ;Ideal for Taking Long Exposures

  • Model: S-I2
  • Bar Code: 6950291501561
The JJC S series Remote Switch are compact wired remote switches with the cable which replicate all functions of the camera's shutter release button. The remote are ideal for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach and minimizing vibration for close-ups and long exposures.

How to use
1.Press the shutter button halfway to focus
2.Press the shutter button fully to trigger the camera shutter
3.Press the shutter button and slide it forward to lock the camera shutter for long exposures

Product Highlights
Compatible with different brands of cameras by replacing the JJC connecting cable 
Control Autofocus and Shutter Triggering
Capture Images without Camera Shake
Ideal for Taking Long Exposures
Use for Continuous or Single Exposures
No Battery Required-Powered by Camera

S-I2 replacing Sigma CR-31

Compatible with

dp0 Quattro

dp1 Quattro

dp2 Quattro

dp3 Quattro